About Kline Construction Company

Kline Construction Company is Gold Coast based PQC & Q-build registered and ISO-9001 Quality Assurance Certified medium rise licensed Construction & Building company established in 1995, having primary experience in both the domestic and commercial markets.
The House Builders Gold Coast can provide building services to meet any construction need, from renovations or extensions to a full turnkey operation at Gold Coast.
Apart from providing Complete Building solutions from Site clearing to Complete Home,Our portfolio also includes waterfront homes, townhouse developments with underground basements and lift wells and our Commercial projects include tenancy works in shopping centres to development of service stations.
After 17 Years of Experience as the Gold Coast Builders, we are proud of the reputation of an enviable Record of Zero Defects and boasts Qualified team of Contractors and Suppliers and are successful in this changing economic climate due to our secure and streamlined business structure and have a supply line that can accommodate metro and rural construction needs.
We Gurantee our Workmanship, Quality and Safety and operate public liability insurance of $20 million.

The Custom Gold Coast Builders has proven 17 Years of Customized Solutions and Expertise in following Services-

  • Complete Consulting Services
  • Full Building Design & Construction
  • Site Management & Supervision
  • Estimating building costs
  • Contract Administration & Budget Control.
  • New Home Building
  • Home Renovations
  • Home Extensions
  • Construction Project Management
  • High Rise Constructions
  • Modular Kit Homes
  • Landscaping design and construction including driveways, pathways, fencing, bulk planting and turf.
  • DA and BA applications Developments
  • Council submissions, Approvals & Final certificates.
  • Complete Trade Services including Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Plasterers,Tilers, Bricklayers, Concreters, Roofers etc.

Please see Complete Trade Services for more information.

Our brand and reputation is highly critical to us ,we wont take on new projects just for your money, We gurantee On-time and On-Budget and promises to pay all the expenses in your rent and bank home loan interest for every week of delay.

So Lets Meet We are happy for you to come to our office and see the quality of work we have done or we are ready to come to you to hear about your dream home so that we can turn it into a reality.

Contact us today:
Phone: (07) 5525 2563, (04) 1367 1303
Mail: Graydon@klineconstruction.com.au

Meet us at:
KLINE Construction Company
11 Forest Ridge Drive
Gold Coast, QLD 4213

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No 1 Cause of Building Project Blowouts

Most builders have one person that sells you the home
Another person that designs it
Another person who does the interior decorating
Yet another person selects the building materials
And then a supervisor who does the construction
I’m in the industry and I know these supervisors turn up once every few weeks IF you’re lucky
With all these different people building your house in Gold Coast, you end up repeating yourself and re-explaining things over and over and unfortunately 9 times out of 10 they get it wrong and there’s delays. Lots of little delays all add up
Time is money and it’s your money that gets wasted
Here’s why people get caught out all the time
It’s the #1 reason why they have budget blow outs
Because they suffer from chinese whispers
When one person passes information to another person and details get lost or twisted
When building homes these mistakes lead to down time
Then the blame game starts on whether it was the architect’s fault or the tradesmen
One person points the finger at the other and so it starts
Mix up means delays
Delays add up
Delays cost you
Every time your home is delayed it costs you with interest payments with the bank and more time paying rent
They cost you in days and weeks
This means time and money from your pocket
You don’t have to compromise
Quality doesn’t cost… it pays


The Gold Coast’s Most Reliable Builder

Looking for a new house builder on the Gold Coast?
In the next few minutes I’m going to show you why you need me to help you build your new home
What makes me different?
I’m the most reliable house builders Gold Coast
That’s a big call but in just a few moments I’m going to give you proof
I’m not the typical builder
You want a beautiful home
A place that looks and feels like a home, not just a house
You don’t want to hear excuse after excuse
And you don’t want to be sucked into never ending delays
You want to move into your new home or renovation on time and on budget
I’m Gradyon Kline
I do things differently
I’m offering you the EASY way
I personally handle your whole project from start to finish
The buck stops with me
You don’t have to compromise
Quality doesn’t cost… it pays
This is your chance to have me as the Gold Coast’s most reliable builder


Kline Construction Company’s Difference

The Kline Construction Difference
You Want A Beautiful Home
A place that looks and feels like a home
You don’t want to hear excuses
You don’t want never ending delays
You want work finished On Time and On Budget
I’m Graydon Kline I do things differently
I personally handle your whole project
From Start…… To Finish
The buck stops with me
I make sure No one cuts corners
I make sure Work finishes on time
I make sure Work finishes on budget
To consider any other builder is too risky
The Kline Construction Guarantee
We offer Peace of Mind
Fixed Price Contracts
Fixed Time Frame
Our Buying Power Ensures the Best Prices
Weekly Construction Reports
BSA Quality Assurance
Q Build Registered
Only BSA Licensed Contractors are Employed
ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Registered
Quality doesn’t cost.. It Pays!
House Builders Gold Coast since 3 decades


Introducing Kline Constructions Company

Reputable Gold COast Builders since 1995
Experienced in Renovation & Building
Domestic & Commercial Markets
Building Project Management
From Beginning to End
We Plan, Design & Build
Waterfront Homes Townhouse Developments
Hi-Rise Unit Construction
Shopping Centres Service Station Development
Complete & Custom Property Building Service
Landscaping Design & Construction
Custom Concept Designs Engineering & Consulting
Incorporation of Modern Trends
Project Management Site Supervision
We Focus On Your Needs
We Guarantee Our Work
We Build to the Highest Professional Standards
We Guarantee to Finish On-Time and On-Budget
We Offer Flexible, Creative & Effective Solutions
We Deliver Quality Homes – On Time & On Budget
We offer Quality, Experience & Dedication
We Offer Peace of Mind

House Builders Gold Coast Since 1995.

Kline Construction Company’s Guarantee

I’m Graydon Kline and I am different from every other house builder on the Gold Coast
Because I give you my personal guarantee
That if I go over the agreed time deadline that’s set in your building contract, I will pay personally
All your rent and all the bank interest on your home loan
For every week that I cause a delay
But seriously… there’s only one of me
I won’t take on more than I can handle
Because upholding my reputation is absolutely critical to me
I just won’t take on a new client unless I absolutely know that I can deliver on time
So the first step is we need to meet
I am happy for you to come to my house and see firsthand the quality of work I do
Or I can come to you
I want to hear about your dream home so I can turn it into a reality
Plus I’d like to show you other examples of homes and projects I’ve built
To choose any other builder is just too risky
Quality doesn’t cost… it pays